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Blacklick Township Death Records 1908-1921*

The 396 death records below are predominantly Blacklick Township records reflecting the 
villages of Belsano, Expedit(Twin Rocks) and Nettleton(Cardiff). Some of the records are 
also from Nanty Glo and Jackson Township. Since the boro of Nanty Glo was not formed until
September 2, 1918, the Nanty Glo records prior to this date would reflect Blacklick Township
deaths for residents living north of Blacklick Creek and Jackson Township deaths for 
residents living south of Blacklick Creek. Only six records were specifically identified
as Jackson Township.

Last Name           |First Name     |Died    |Age |Sx|Cause                    |BirthDate |Birthplace        |MSW |Occupation                    |Father's Name          |Birthplace        |Mother's Name        |Birthplace          |Burial Site          |Buried  |Undertaker           |Filed  |
Adams                Ralph Leroy     12/20/16 3mo  M  Broncho-pneumonia         08/21/16   PA                      Child                          Samuel Adams            PA                 Ellen Adams           PA                   M.B.C,    BE          12/22/16 Geo. J. Ondriezek     12/23/16
Allison              Stillborn       6/13/18       M  Stillborn                 06/13/18   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Charles Allison         PA                 Catherine Lynch       PA                   St. Charles Cemetery  6/13/18  Charles Allison       6/13/18 
Altimus              Jennie          4/27/18  26   F  Lobar pneumonia           5/18/1891  Germany            Mar  Housewife                      John Zimmer             Germany            Unknown               Germany              Bethel Cemetery       4/30/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/30/18 
Altimus              Stillborn       9/26/15       M  Stillborn                 09/26/15   Cambria County, PA Chld Child                          Edward Altimus          Dilltown, PA       Jennie Zimmer         Scranton, PA         Bethel Cemetery       9/26/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/26/15 
Anderson             Frank           1/15/14  1mo  M  Died suddenly, probably ac11/15/13   PA                 Sin                                 Frank Anderson          PA                 Hannah Flisk          PA                   Dunkard Cemetery      1/6/14   Father                1/5/14  
Anderson             Herbert         2/23/16  11mo M  Erysipelas, broncho-pneumo03/16/15   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Frank Anderson          Hastings, PA       Hanna Flick           Vinco, PA            Dunkard Cemetery,, BE 2/24/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/24/16 
Anderson             William Andrew  10/8/16  5mo  M  Gastrio-enteritis         04/12/14   PA                 Chld Child                          Amos Anderson           PA                 Millie Hight          PA                   M.E. Cemetery, BE     10/9/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     10/9/16 
Androscavich         Annie           2/17/12  1    F  Gastro-enteritis (convulsi10/02/10   PA                 Sin                                 Anthony Androscavich    Russia             Salome Micknovich     Russia               Twin Rocks            2/18/12  J.H. Lanigan          3/10/12 
Augash               Stephen         3/31/18  38   M  Endocarditis, acute rheuma3/15/1880  Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Inland Coal Co Cardiff  James Augash            Austria-Hungary    Unknown               Austria-Hungary      St. Charles Cemetery  4/1/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/1/18  
Babock               Irene           8/16/18  2mo  F  Cerebro-spinal meningitis 06/03/18   Nanty Glo          Chld                                John Bobock             New Jersey         Emma Simmons          PA                   Holy Name Cemetery    8/17/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/17/18 
Babyak               Vera            6/3/17   5mn  F  Asphyxiation  (long pressu06/03/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          Harry Babyok            Austria            Olenna Vera           Austria              Twin Rocks            8/8/17   Harry Babyok          6/4/17  
Baker                Bertha          1/30/11  24   F  Scarlet fever, contributor2/22/1887  PA                 Mar  Housewife                      Jackson Cramer          PA                 Carrie Glenns         PA                   Belsano               1/31/11  J.H. Lanigan,         1/30/11 
Baldwin              Stillborn       1/29/12       F  Stillborn (full term)     01/29/12   PA                 Sin  Child                          Ebenezer Baldwin        England                                                       Bethel                1/29/12  Ebenezer Baldwin,     1/29/12 
Barra                Nick            2/21/14  30   M  Crushed under train on PRR                              Sin                                                                                                                       Twin Rocks            2/25/14  J.H. Krumbine                 
Barsdo               Anton           1/7/11   3    M  Broncho-pneumonia         12/03/07   PA                                                     Michael Barsdo          Russia             Annie Sanorus (?)     Russia               Twin Rocks            1/9/11   J.H. Lanigan          1/8/11  
Barsdow              Anastasia       9/2/12   6mo  F  Gastro-enteritis          02/17/12   PA                 Inf                                 Nicholas Barsdow        Russia             Annie Sanonis         Russia               Twin Rocks            9/3/12   J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Bayns                Elizabeth       12/19/16 9mo  F  Gastro-enteritis          03/11/16   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          John Byous              Austria-Hungary    Kaltie Bachol         Austria-Hungary      Munday's Cemetery     12/21/16 Geo. J. Ondriezek     12/21/16
Bayus                Lena            1/15/12  23da F  Ileo-colitis              12/22/11   PA                 Sin  Infant                         John Bayus              Austria            Katy Baicha           Austria              Mundays Cemetery      1/16/12  J.H. Lanigan          1/12/12 
Bayuss               Joseph          6/28/15  29   M  Killed by train on PRR tra4/21/1880  Austria-Hungary    Wid  Miner, Cardiff Coal Co         Peter Bayuss            Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            6/30/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     6/29/15 
Becheko              Stillborn       12/18/14      F  Breech presentation and no12/18/14   PA                 Sin                                 George Becheko          Austria            Annie Walli           Austria              Twin Rocks            18/18/14 George Beckiko        12/18/14
Bechko               Andy            2/19/16  10da M  Pneumonia broncho, due to 02/10/16   PA                 Chld Baby                           George Bechka           Austria            Anna Walls            Austria              Twin Rocks            2/21/16  Geo. J. Ondrizek      2/21/16 
Beco                 Stillborn       9/7/17        F  Stillborn                 09/07/17   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Joseph Beco             Austria            Rose Epoch            Austria              Twin Rocks            9/8/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/8/17  
Bell                 Died Unnamed    9/17/11  20mn F  Premature birth- 6 mos cau09/17/11   PA                                                     Angelo Bell             Italy              Lebostia Maria        Italy                Twin Rocks            9/19/11  Angelo Bell           11/10/11
Bell                 Thomas          8/22/15  1    M  Broncha-pneumonia         09/03/13   PA                 Chld Child                          William Bell            Scotland           Annie Hagen           Scotland             Monday Cemetary       8/24/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/23/15 
Bellman              Samuel          2/18/12  32   M  Gun shot wound (hemorrhage           PA                 Mar  Miner, Lincoln Coal Co         Henry Bellman           PA                 Sarah Morehess        PA                   North Barnesboro      2/20/12  J.H. Lanigan          2/19/12 
Bellok               Not Named       1/13/11       M  Stillborn-Due To mothers m01/13/11   Nanty Glo                                              Unknown                 Unknown            Katie Bellok          Austria              Twin Rocks            1/14/11  J.H. Lanigan          1/13/11 
Bennet               James S.        3/26/16  77   M  Cancar of the stomach     8/14/1838  Indiana County, PA Mar  Retired Farmer                 Will Bennet             Indiana County, PA Elizabeth Balay       PA                   M.E. Cemetery, ST     3/28/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/28/16 
Bergante             Joseph          9/25/12  5mo  M  Cholera infantum          04/06/12   PA                 Sin  None                           Dominic Bergante        Italy              Rinalda Florinda      Italy                Twin Rocks            9/25/12  J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Bernott              Mike Jr         8/11/18  1mo  M  Gastro-enteritis, auto int07/04/18   Nanty Glo                                              Mike Bernott            Austria            Mary Kritca           Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  8/13/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/13/18 
Bero                 Sadie           9/17/17  1    F  Ileo-colitis              03/19/16   Wehrum, PA         Chld Child                          John Bero               Austro-Hungaria    Lizzie Luckost        Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            9/18/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/18/17 
Berzenti             John            1/23/18  6da  M  Probably inspiration, pneu01/17/18   PA                 Baby Baby                           Domenick Bergenti       Italy              Florence Rinaldi      Italy                Twin Rocks            1/24/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/24/18 
Bice                 Charley A.      8/24/14  27   M  Bullet wound of brain     5/20/1887  PA                 Sin  Agent, Singer Sewing           Moses Bice              PA                 Martha Debely         PA                   Roaring Springs       8/26/14  C.Doerr               8/25/14 
Bill                 Catherine       6/11/18  56   F  Accident, struck by pilot 2/22/1862  Austria-Hungary    Wid  Ret. Housewife                 John Jermich            Austria-Hungary    Stella Cortia         Austria-Hungary      Catholic Cem, Lilly   6/13/18  Geo. J. Ondreizek     6/13/18 
Binghman             Carrie Elis     3/31/18  50   F  Syphilis, tertiary anemia Unknown    PA                 Mar  Housewife                      James McMasters         PA                 Sarah Shephard        PA                   Bethel Cemetery       4/2/18   Geo J. Ondriezek      4/2/18  
Bishop               Cesil           8/26/12  11   M  Peritonitis, following app08/03/01   PA                 Sin  School                         William Bishop          PA                 _____Conrad           PA                   Coalport              8/28/12  J.H. Lanigan          11/5/12 
Black                Harold Raymond  11/22/17 22da M  Endocarditis              01/01/17   PA                 Chld Child                          Charles R. Black        PA                 Golda Lydick          PA                   Munday's Cemetery     11/25/17 Geo. J. Ondrezeke     11/25/17
Black                Mrs. Susan      6/11/14  66   F  Carcinoma of liver and sto1/1/1848   PA                 Mar  Housewife                      John Nipps              PA                 Catherine Reed        Don't Know           Lloyd Cemetery        6/14/14  Jeff Evans,           6/14/14 
Boney                Warren          12/10/10 1da  M  Premature Birth           12/10/10   PA                      Infant                         Theodore Boney          PA                 Eva Turner            PA                   Munday's Cemetery     12/12/10 J.H. Lanigan          12/10/10
Bonkovich            Stillborn       11/28/10      F  Stillborn                 11/27/10   PA                                                     Joseph Bonkovich        Austria            Julia Klinko          Austria              Twin Rocks                     Jos. Bonkovich        11/28/10
Bonyak               Elizabeth       4/17/11  41   F  Valvular heart troubles, (Unknown    Austria            Mar  Housewife                      Michael Lukash          Austria            Mary Yotsko           Austria              Twin Rocks            4/19/11  J.H. Lanigan          4/17/11 
Boring               George S.       8/9/20   74   M  Myocarditis asthma        8/18/1845  PA                 Mar  Farmer                         Rutan Boring            PA                 Mary Stifflar         PA                   Strongstown           8/11/20  John Woolf            8/11/20 
Borta                Stillborn       11/14/16      M  Stillborn, premature (6mo)11/14/16   PA                 Sin                                 Valintine Botia         Italy              Virginia Bombassino(?)Italy                Twin Rocks            11/15/16 Valintine Borta       11/15/16
Borton               Frank           5/6/17   3    M  Diptheria                 08/02/13   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Charley Borton          Austria-Hungary    Mary Cerokie          Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            5/6/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/6/17  
Bozyahocki           Annie           8/25/17  3mo  F  Ileo-colitis              05/06/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          Andy Bozyahocki         Austria            Annie Orpoka          Austria              Twin Rocks            8/27/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/27/17 
Bracken              Bernice         7/25/15  20mn F  Premature birth inhaled fl07/25/15   PA                                                     Thomas Bracken          Cambria County     Hazel Wike            Indiana County       Belsano               7/26/15  Thomas Bracken        7/16/15 
Bracken              Robert Eugene   6/6/17   17da M  Clurmic(?) gastritis      04/30/17   PA                 Baby Baby                           Harry Bracken           PA                 Rosa Killer (?)       PA                   Belsano               6/7/17   Geo J. Ondriezek      6/8/17  
Brophy               Mary            3/27/16  56   F  Carcenoma of  Lus (?)     4/2/1849   England            Mar  Housewife                      James Dagnall           England            Mary Lester           England              Holy Name Cem, EB     3/10/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/30/16 
Brophy               Patrick         4/18/18  60   M  Lobar pneumonia, bronchial3/9/1838   England            Wid  Miner, Penn Coal & Coke, NG    Patrick Brophy          Ireland            Elizabeth Carroll     Ireland              Holy Name , EB        4/20/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/20/18 
Brown                Stillborn       3/26/17       F  Stillborn - (5mo)         03/26/17   Nettleton, PA                                          Martin Brown            PA                 Mary Boyle            PA                   Twin Rocks            3/27/17  Martin Brown          3/27/17 
Bucit                Luchia          4/18/16  10da M  Umbilical hemorrhage      04/08/16   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Valtine Bucit           Italy              Tergenia Rombasic     Italy                Twin Rocks            4/18/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/18/16 
Bukovich             Not Named       10/10/15 11hr F  Premature birth           10/10/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Mike Bukovich           Austria            Mary Berish           Austria              Twin Rocks            10/11/15 Mike Bakovich         10/11/15
Bukovics             July            9/9/11   1    F  Enteritis                 04/29/10   PA                                                     Mike Bukovics           Austria            Mary Bensh            Austria              Twin Rocks            9/10/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Bumot                Mary            1/27/14  2mo  F  Acute indigestion         11/25/13   PA                                                     Mike Bumot              Austria            Mary Knetko           Austria              Twin Rocks            1/29/14  J.H.Krumbine                  
Bunnock              Mary            4/14/17  10da F  Premature birth (about 7mo04/04/17   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Charley Bunnock         Austria            Annie Malinick        Austria              Twin Rocks            4/14/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/14/17 
Bunyock              Andy            7/6/18   2mo  M  Ileo-colitis                         PA                 Sin  Child                          Charles Bunyock         Austria            Annie Marnecketk (?)  Austria                                                                   7/7/18  
Buoch                Stillborn       7/6/17        M  Premature-(6 Mo), woman in07/06/17   PA                 Inf  Infant                         Valentine Buoch         Italy              Hogenth Bambasd       Italy                Twin Rocks            7/6/17   Valentine Buoch, Fr.  7/6/17  
Burgoon              Margaret Ruby   8/19/12  6wk  F  Diarrhoea and enteritis (d07/??/12   Bethel, PA         Sin  Child                          William Burgoon         PA                 Bessie Lambing        PA                   Bethel Cemetery       8/21/12  J.H. Lanigan          8/21/12 
Bzik                 Mike            1/5/16   5da  M  Failure of closure of fora01/01/16   PA                 Chld Child                          John Bzik               Austria            Susie Duepay          Austria              Twin Rocks            1/7/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/7/16  
Caldwell             Francis         4/27/14  2mo  M  Inanition, acute bronchiti02/14/14   PA                                                     James Caldwell          Scotland           Sarah Williams        PA                   Mondays Cemetery      4/29/14  A.W. Strong           4/28/14 
Caldwell             Walter Raymond  8/5/12   3mo  M  Marasmus                  08/14/12   PA                 Sin                                 James Caldwell          Scotland           Sarah Williams        PA                   Munday's Cemetery     8/7/12   J.H. Lanigan          8/6/12  
Callahan             Leo             9/1/16   1    M  Ileo-colitis              07/12/15   Nanty Glo          Sin  Child                          Edward Callahan         PA                 Louise Stineburn(?)   PA                   Catholic Cem, WM      9/3/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/3/16  
Campbell             Mrs. Rebecca    8/17/14  88   F  Chronic gastritis & nephti2/22/1826  New York           Wid  Lady                                                                                                                 Dunkard Cemetery      8/19/14  Stephen Stephens      8/17/14 
Carnahan             Jessie Madeline 3/4/16   9mo  F  Croupous pneumonia        05/09/15   PA                 Sin  Child                          John Cornahan           PA                 Mary Conlon           PA                   Twin Rocks            3/6/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/6/16  
Carnahan             Joseph          9/12/16  55   M  Chronic nephritis         8/28/1860  Burnet, PA         Mar  Did not work for 2 yrs         Samuel Carnahan         Don't Know         Margaret Mangle       Don't Know           Mondays Cemetary      9/15/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/15/16 
Carnahan             Mary            8/21/17  6mo  F  Ileo-colitis              02/02/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          John Carnahan           PA                 Mary Coulon           PA                   Twin Rocks            8/12/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/13/17 
Casala               Joseph          9/9/11   24   M  Cannot say from examinatio           Italy              Sin  Miner                          Alphonso Casala         Italy              Machata Logondia      Italy                Twin Rocks            9/11/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Cashon               Josephine       1/21/17  2mo  F  Bronchopneumonia          11/03/16   Conemaugh          Chld Child                          Jospeh Cashon           PA                 Sadie Potts           PA                   Headrick Cemetery, CM 1/29/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/22/17 
Cashon               Josephine Ethel 1/21/17  2mo  F  Broncho-pneumonia         11/03/16   Conemaugh          Chld Child                          Joseph Coshan           PA                 Sadie Potts           PA                   Headrick Cem, CM      1/29/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/27/17 
Casper               Maggie          4/1/11   9mo  F  Measles, broncho-pneumonia06/20/10   PA                 Sin  Child                          Adam Casper             Russia             Katy Romonsky         Russia               Twin Rocks            4/2/11   J.H. Lanigan          4/1/11  
Chuba                Elizabeth       8/24/17  4mo  F  Ileo-colitis, broncho-pneu04/14/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          Andy Chuba              Austria            Cathrine Podlon (?)   PA                   Twin Rocks            8/26/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/26/17 
Cingran              Frank           3/22/16  42   M  Lobar pneumonia, prob. abs02/15/05   Italy              Mar  Porter, Peaches Hotel, EX      Paul Cingram            Italy              Chintzy Salatiza      Italy                Twin Rocks            3/23/16  Geo. J. Ondrizek      3/23/16 
Clark                Foster          10/3/10  1    M  Ileo-colitis, marasmus    12/21/08   Pa                 Sin                                 George Clark            Ireland            Ella Foster           PA                   Munday's, MC          10/4/10  J.H. Krumbine         12/8/10 
Clevinger            Thomas          4/20/16  3da  M  Don't know                04/07/16   PA                 Sin  Child                          Henry Clevinger         PA                 Sadie Papus           PA                   Brethern Cemetery, BE 4/22/16  Geo. J. Ondrezek      4/21/16 
Clewnick             Mary            8/14/17  12mo F  Panitonittis                         Russia             Sin  Child                                                  Russia                                   Russia               Catholic Cem, Dubois  8/17/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/17/17 
Collins              Mary Jane       5/6/14   5hr  F  Premature birth           05/06/14   PA                                                     John Collins            PA                 Sarah Morgan          PA                                                                                
Collins              Patrick         4/20/18  47   M  Chronic alcoholism        Unknown    PA                 Sin  Coal Miner                     Patrick Collins         Ireland            Mary Harrington       Ireland              Riddlesburg, Bfd CO   4/22/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/22/18 
Conley               James           10/2/14  5    M  Diptheria                 04/16/09   Coalport, PA                                           John Connelly           Scotland           Lizzie Moore          Scotland             Holy Name Cem, EB     10/3/14  C. Doerr              9/30/14 
Conrad               Vincent         11/14/16 1    M  Asphyxia foreign body in t10/17/15   Nanty Glo                                              Francis Conrad          PA                 Mary Hoschock         PA                   Twin Rocks            11/16/16 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/16/16
Cook                 Mary            3/30/18  19da F  Broncho-pneumonia         03/11/18   Nanty Glo          Chld                                Steve Cook              DuBois, PA         Margaret Stefanak     Austria-Hungary      St. Charles           3/31/18                        3/31/18 
Coon                 Stillborn       9/13/14       F  Complicated labor         09/13/14   PA                 Baby Baby                           Felix Coon              Italy              Antonia Renada        Italy                Twin Rocks            9/14/14  C. Doerr              9/13/14 
Cooper               George          8/12/11  7mo  M  Ileo-colitis, broncho-pneu01/01/11   PA                                                     Robert Cooper           PA                 Rosie Hall            PA                   Mondays Cemetery      8/13/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Cramer               Mrs. Catherine  5/10/16  74   F  Sub acute articular, rheum2/24/1842  Indiana County, PA Mar  Housewife                      Peter Bennet            Don't Know         Barbara Miller        Don't Know           H.B. Cemetery, BE     5/12/16  Geo J. Ondriezek      5/12/16 
Cramer               Stillborn       6/24/13       M  Stillborn                 06/24/13   PA                 Baby                                Joseph Cramer           PA                 Jney(?) Swab          PA                   Belsano               6/25/13                        6/25/13 
Crawford             Rhonald         9/23/10  6mo  M  Acute obstruction of bowel           PA                                                     Thomas Crawford         PA                 Louise Nipps          PA                   Belsano               9/25/10  G.G. Empfield         9/24/10 
Cudlaw               Stanislaw       7/17/16  5da  F  Intestinal obstruction    07/12/16   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Mike Cudlaw             Austria            Katie Gislaw          Austria              Twin Rocks            7/18/16  Mike Cudlaw           7/17/16 
Cunningham           Clarence        8/16/14  2    M  Ileo-Colitis              11/12/11   PA                 Chld Child                          Clinton Cunningham      PA                 Savilla Hill          PA                   Mondays Cemetery      8/18/14  C.J. Doerr            8/17/14 
Cunningham           Cora Almieda    1/31/11  1    F  Whooping cough, broncho-pn12/15/09   PA                 Inf                                 Norman Cunningham       PA                 Carrie Hill           PA                   Munday's              2/1/11   G.G. Empfield         1/31/11 
Cunningham           John            12/12/17 66   M  Chronic interstitial nephr10/16/1857 PA                 Mar  Retired, Lumber, Road & Land   William Cunningham      PA                 Catherine Sittle      PA                   Bethel Cemetery       12/15/17 Geo.J. Ondriezek      12/15/17
Darie                Stillborn       9/1/14        F  Unknown                   09/01/14   PA                                                     Albert Darie            Italy              Spinaoli Augusta      Italy                Twin Rocks            9/2/14   C. Doerr              9/2/14  
Davis                Evan            5/27/18  69   M  Bronchial asthma, eurthysmUnknown    Ohio               Sin  Coal Miner                     John Davis              Don't Know         Margaret Morgan       Nanty Glo            Philipsburg, PA       5/30/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/30/18 
Davis                Not Named       4/13/11  3hr  F  Premature birth           04/13/11   PA                                                     John Davis              PA                 Martha Empfield       PA                   Belsano               4/13/11  G.G. Empfield         5/10/11 
De Ri                Mafelda         9/16/15  9mo  F  Cholera infantum          01/09/15   Cambria County     Sin  None                           Toney De Ri             Italy              Mary Zampum           Italy                Twin Rocks            9/16/15  S.S. Krumbine         9/16/15 
Dearmy               Dearmy          7/12/18       M  Stillborn                 07/13/18   Nanty Glo          Chld                                John Dearmy             PA                 Caroline Dearmy       PA                   Bethel Cemetary       7/16/18  G.J. Ondriezek        7/16/18 
Dearny               Caroline        7/13/18  36   F  Myocarditis parturtion    9/30/1882  PA                 Mar  Housewife                      Crist (?) Stephens      PA                 Don't Know            PA                   Bethel Cemetery       6/16/18  G.J. Ondriezek        7/16/18 
Decker               Not Named       11/14/12 10hr M  Premature birth           11/14/12   PA                 Sin                                 Harry Decker            PA                 Mary Rylett           PA                   Belsano               11/15/12 Father                1/5/13  
Dino                 Gantano         7/13/14  24   M  Revolver wound head and heUnknown    Italy              Sin  Miner                          Julia Dino              Italy              Don't Know            Italy                Twin Rocks            7/15/14  C.D. Doerr            7/14/14 
Dixon                Thomas          7/10/14  5hr  M  Premature birth           07/09/14   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Thomas Dixon            PA                 Christine Dixon       PA                   Mondays Cemetery      7/10/14  C.D. Doerr            7/10/14 
Donnelson            William         1/7/17   74   M  Bronchia asthma           Unknown    Scotland           Sin  Miner, Didn't Work 4yrs        ____ Donnelson          Scotland           Don't Know            Don't Know           Mondays Cemetery      1/9/17   Geo J. Ondriezek      1/9/17  
Donofsky             Hannah          5/24/11  1mo  F  Broncho-pneumonia         04/21/11   PA                 Sin                                 Louis Donofsky          Russia             Lena Lann             Russia               Hebrew Cem,  AL       5/25/11  J.H. Lanigan          5/24/11 
Donyulk              Josephine       4/19/16  58   F  Lobar pneumonia                      Austria-Hungary    Mar  Housewife                      Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            4/20/16  Geo J. Ondriezek      4/20/16 
Dratar               John            11/29/15 45   M  Pneumonia                 Unknown    Austria-Hungary    Unk  Miner, Lincoln Coal Co         (Don't Know) Dratar     Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Twin Rocks            12/2/15  Geo J. Ondriezek      12/2/15 
Duncan               Berttia May     5/12/10  3da  F  Premature birth           05/09/10   PA                                                     George Duncan           PA                 Ella Stiles           PA                   Strongstown           5/14/10  J.H. Krumbine                 
Duscavich            Katy            1/26/17  13da F  Syphilis                  01/13/17   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Lewis Duscavich         Austria-Hungary    Annie Yonchisky       Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            1/26/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/28/17 
Dyson                James Paul      4/7/18   19da M  Premature birth (7mo)     03/20/18   PA                 Sin  Child                          Henry Dyon              England            Hannah Ord            England              Pike Cemetery, MC     4/9/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/9/18  
Dzulik               Paul            8/8/11   1    M  Injuries to head, caused b01/19/10   PA                                                     Michael Dzulik          Austria            Mary Garnich          Austria              Patton Cemetery       8/10/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Empfield             Thomas S.       12/24/16 77   M  Luakan(?) appoplexy and so12/27/1838 Indiana County, PA Mar  Carpenter                      George W. Empfield      PA                 Margaret Meyers       PA                   Belsano               12/26/16 Jeff Evans            12/25/16
Epoch                Joe             2/3/18   36   M  Gun shot wound of chest   Unknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, McGue Mines Big Bend    John Epoch              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            2/5/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/5/18  
Estep                Lee Barr        10/16/14 10mo M  Acute intestinal atuphel (12/10/13   Nanty Glo          Sin  None                           Harry Estep             PA                 Sarah Johnson         North Carolina       Osceola Mills         10/18/14 S.S. Krumbine         10/13/14
Fako                 Mary            4/13/11  30   F  Peretonitis                          Austria            Mar  Housewife                      John Chichato           Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Twin Rocks            4/14/11  J.H. Lanigan          4/14/11 
Falquist             Nathan          1/16/17  55   M  Accidentally struck by pas           Sweden             Sin  Labor                          _____Falquist           Sweden             Don't Know            Sweden               Grass Flat  Cem       1/20/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/18/17 
Fetzer               Grant Lewellyn  9/22/16  3mo  M  Whooping cough, gastro-ent06/08/16   Cambria Co. PA          Child                          Edward S. Fetzer        Centre Co. PA      Ida May Harshbouger   Centre Co. PA        Mondays Cemetery      9/24/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/24/16 
Filip                Gussie          11/20/16 1       Burns (boiling water), che06/21/16   Nettleton,  PA                                         Joseph Filip            Austria-Hungary    Mary Fodor            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            11/21/16 Geo J. Ondrezek       11/21/16
Folckemer            Harman Raymond  7/19/13  2mo  M  Cholera infantum breast-fe04/25/13   Blacklick Twp., PA                                     William A. Folckemer    PA                 Junie B. Michaels     PA                   Belsano               7/20/13  G.G. Empfield         9/4/13  
Folckmer             Ira James       2/3/14   1    M  Pneumonia                 03/15/12   PA                                                     William Folckemer       PA                 Junie Michael         PA                   Belsano               2/14/14  G.G. Empfield         3/5/14  
Ford                 Allen           5/17/11  13   M  Tuberculosis of hip and ge8/28/1897  PA                 Sin                                 Jack Ford               Wales              Mary Amhodgson        England              Belsano               5/19/11  G.E. Empfield         5/17/11 
Fulkimer             Floreia(?) Ruth 8/31/14  2mo  F  Cholera infantum          06/04/14   PA                 Chld Child                          William Fulkimer        PA                 June Michaels         PA                   Belsano               9/1/14   William Fulekmer      8/31/14 
Fuller               Stella          7/13/12  5mo  F  Marasmus, convulsions     02/09/12   PA                 Sin                                 William Fuller          PA                 Harriet Heane         PA                   Morrisdale            7/14/12  George Empfield       7/13/12 
Gaedas               John            11/5/14  35   M  Fractured base of skull & 5/10/1879  Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Lincoln Coal Co         John Gaedas             Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            11/7/14  C. Doerr              11/5/14 
Gailey               Stillborn       7/28/18       F  Stillborn-6 Mos.          07/28/18   Nanty Glo          Chld                                J.I. Gailey             PA                 Alice D. Campbell     PA                   Pike Cemetery         7/28/18  J.I. Gailey           7/28/18 
Gazdagh              Not Named       7/9/16   30mn M  Permataure birth only live07/09/16   PA                 Baby Baby                           William Gazdagh         Austria            July Szagi            Austria              U.B. Cemetery         7/10/16  Geo. J. Ondrezek      7/10/16 
Germosky             Died Unnamed    9/7/17        F  Stillborn                 09/07/17   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Stephen Germosky        Austria            Annie Mistick         Austria              Twin Rocks            9/7/17   Geo. Ondriezek        9/7/17  
Gibsons              Ida May         1/27/17  2da  F  Can't say. Child was matur01/25/17   PA                 Baby                                Gibsons, Robert         PA                 Mary Marsh            PA                   Dunkard Cemetery, BE  1/28/17  Robert Gibson         1/28/17 
Glass                Olive Catherine 8/25/11  1    F  Acute ileo-colitis        09/21/09   Belsano, PA                                            Charley Glass           PA                 Maggie Hite           PA                   Belsano               8/26/11  G.G. Empfield         9/10/11 
Glassford            Stillborn       9/6/14        F  Nephritis of mother       09/06/14   PA                                                     Robert Glassford        PA                 Vannie Lewis          PA                   Belsano               9/6/14   G.G. Empfield         9/6/14  
Glassford            Vernie          9/12/14  32   F  Acute nephritis, complicat6/10/1882  PA                 Mar  Housekeeper                    S.C. Lewis              PA                 Sara Rankins          PA                   Indiana               9/15/14  G.G. Empfield         9/13/14 
Glovak               Died Unnamed    12/18/14 5hr  F  Congenital malformation of12/18/14   PA                 Sin                                 Frank Glovak            Austria            Josephine Shudar      Austria              Twin Rocks            12/18/14 Frank Glovak          12/18/14
Gohn                 Robert Patterson4/11/18  4hr  M  Premature birth           04/10/18   PA                 Baby Baby                           Frank Gohn              PA                 Bertha Monch          PA                   Belsano               4/11/18  Frank Gohn            4/11/18 
Goss                 Egas Merry      1/21/12  1    M  Pneumonia colerrline      01/11/11   PA                                                     Harry W. Goss           PA                 Mathild Yahner        PA                   Hastings              1/23/12  G. Empfield           1/22/12 
Gregor               Mrs. John       6/11/13  40   F  Tuberculosis of lungs     6/1/1873   Austria            Mar  Housewife                      Don't Know              Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Twin Rocks            3/13/13  J.H. Krumbine         6/12/13 
Gregor               Stephen         8/24/10  6mo  M  Hydrocephalus. Not seen by06/24/10   PA                                                     Steve Gregor            Austria            Mary Ponai            Austria              Twin Rocks            8/25/10  G.G. Empfield         8/24/10 
Gregor               Stillborn       10/19/12      F  Stillborn                 10/19/12   PA                                                     Adam Gregor             Austria            Mary Semar            Austria              Twin Rocks            10/19/12 Father                11/5/12 
Griffith             Robert Leroy    4/22/17  8mo  M  Tuberculosis meningitis   08/03/16   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Joseph Griffith         PA                 Ada Conrad            PA                   Pike Cemetery, MC     4/24/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/24/17 
Griffith             Thomas A.       8/26/17  55   M  Gastric carcinoma         6/23/1862  South Wales        Mar  Blacksmith                     William Griffith        South Wales        Mary Williams         South Wales          Pike Cemetery         8/29/17  S.S. Krumbine         8/29/17 
Grovova(?)           Lewis           1/5/12   41   M  Accidental-due to fall of Unknown    Italy              Unk  Coal Miner                     Lewis Grovovo           Italy              Anna Lonine           Italy                Twin Rocks            1/6/12   J.H. Lanigan          1/5/12  
Grumbling            James M.        12/22/20 42   M  Lobar pneumonia           10/5/1878  PA                 Sin  Labor, In Woods                Joseph Grumbling        PA                 Cordelia Crawford                                                12/24/20 Geo. J. Ondrezek      12/24/20
Hadar                Frank           12/21/14 45   M  Paralytic stroke          02/11/05   Hungary            Mar  Miner                          John Hodar              Hungary            Julia Hadar           Hungary              Lloyds Cem, EB        12/22/14 J.H. Krumbine         12/22/14
Hall                 William Daniel  4/17/18  5mo  M  Acute nephritis, influenza11/03/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          George F. Hall          PA                 Sarunda (?) George    PA                   Lilly Cemetery        4/20/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/18/18 
Haluska              George          5/29/15  7mo  M  Died suddenly, probably pn09/23/14   PA                 Sin  Baby                           John Haluska            Austria            Annie Karakash        Austria              Wehrum                5/21/15  J.H. Krumbine         5/20/12 
Harchuk              Mrs. Julia      9/20/20  52   F  Endocarditis, rheumatic feUnknown    Austria            Mar  Housewife                      John Barna              Austria            Susie Beboitch        Austria              Catholic Cem, GC      9/22/20  George J. Ondriezek   9/22/20 
Harrison             Hattie          3/23/12  39   F  Acute peritonitis         7/25/1872  Ohio               Mar  Housewife                      John D. Davis           Wales              Elizabeth Davis       Wales                Lloyd Cemetery        3/25/12  Jeff Evans,           6/10/12 
Haschak              Joseph          10/1/17  19da M  Ileo-colitis              09/14/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          John Haschak            Austria            Annie Cherkola        Austria              Twin Rocks            10/3/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     10/3/17 
Hegedus              Thomas A.       9/3/14   9mo  M  Gastro-ileo-colitis       11/09/13   PA                                                     Andrew Hegedus          Austria-Hungary    Girtrude Peters       PA                   Belsano               9/5/14   C. Doerr              9/14/14 
Heitenen             Victor          11/13/10 30   M  Not seen before death, artUnknown    Finland            Sin  Coal Miner                     Don't Know              Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Finnish Cemetery      11/14/10 J. H. Lanigan         11/12/10
Hicklin              Mary            8/22/12  24da F  Diarrhoea and enteritis (d07/29/12   PA                 Sin                                 Harry Hicklin           England            Alice Phipps          PA                   Mundays Cemetery      8/24/12  J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Hines                John A.         5/11/16  73   M  Latachum pneumonia, heart 5/23/1842  PA                 Mar  Farmer                         John A. Hines           PA                 Eliza Sanders         PA                   Catholic Cemetery, NI 5/13/16  Geo J. Ondriezek      5/12/16 
Hite                 Margaret H.     8/2/10   74   F  Acute gastro-enteritis               PA                 Wid                                 Samuel Smith            PA                 Mary Helsel           PA                   Belsano               8/4/10   G.G. Empfield         8/3/10  
Hoffman              Adam            1/12/16  75   M  Asthma                    112/29/1840Germany            Mar  Farmer                         Philip Hoffman          Germany            Unknown               Germany              Belsano               1/14/16  S.S. Krumbine,        1/14/16 
Hollebem             Mike            2/28/18  2    M  Chronic bronchitis complic           Salisbury, PA      Baby                                Harry Hollebem          Austria            Annie Meloncho        Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  5/2/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/2/18  
Hoover               Jariah          1/2/18   19   M  Heart paralysis following 12/8/1898  PA                 Sin  Miner                          Sing(?) Hoover          PA                 Jeny Humell           PA                   Belsano               1/24/18  Geo. J. Ondreizek     1/4/18  
Hoover               Mrs. Mary Ellen 8/16/17  63yr F  Apoplexy                  4/10/1854  PA                 Mar  Housewife                      William Pheonix         PA                 _____ Armstrong       PA                   Odd Fellows Cem., BS  9/19/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/19/17 
Horwat               John            11/26/12 44   M  Angina pectorias          02/10/05   Austria            Mar  Miner                          Gas Horwat              Austria            Ella Awak             Austria              Twin Rocks            11/28/12 J.H. Lanigan          12/5/12 
Hunter               Robert          4/24/17  53   M  Cansar of stomach and cirr1/5/1864   PA                 Mar                                 Robert Hunter           PA                 Elsie Stugert         PA                   Madera,  Clfld Co     4/26/17  J.H. Krumbine                 
Hunter               Walter          9/1/10   1    M  Ileo-colitis              08/20/09   PA                                                     William Hunter          PA                 Catherine Jackson     PA                   Phillipsburg          9/4/10   J.H. Lanigan          9/1/10  
Hutchinson           Josiah          5/20/16  5    M  Accidental death hit by mi01/19/10   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Joseph Hutchinson, NG   England            Lora Lambing          Nanty Glo            Mondays Cemetary      5/23/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/23/16 
Ingles               Mary Jane       12/30/10 68   F  Apoplexy, causing unconsci4/13/1842  PA                 Wid  Retired                        Andrew Wetmore          PA                 Mary J. ?             PA                   Punxsutawney          1/1/11   J.H. Lanigan          12/30/10
Ippolito             James           9/1/10   2da  M  Jaundice, did not see unti08/30/10   PA                                                     James Ippolito          Italy              Rosa Giardini         Italy                Twin Rocks            9/1/10   J.H. Lanigan          9/1/10  
Isaacson             Alda L.         8/2/10   1mo  F  Diarrhora and enteritis   07/03/10   PA                                                     Charles Isaacson        Finland            Clara Mackey          Finland              Finnish Cemetery      8/3/10   J.H. Lanigan          9/10/10 
Isaacson             Whilko          4/19/12  7mo  M  Broncho-pneumonia         09/11/11   PA                 Sin                                 Charles Isaacson        Finland            Claire Mackey         Finland              Finland Cemetery      4/19/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/19/12 
Isagai               Charles         12/23/11 40   M  Chronic parenchymatoris, nUnknown    Hungary            Mar  Miner                          Joseph Isagai           Hungary            Don't Know            Hungary              Bethel                12/24/11 J.H. Lanigan          1/5/12  
Jacobsky             Mary            12/26/16 3    F  Croupous pneumonia        09/11/13   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Samuel Jacobsky         Austria-Hungary    Elizabeth Lazeratis(?)Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            12/27/16 Geo. J. Ondriezek     12/27/16
Jacobson             Flix            7/16/10  6mo  M  Gastro-enteritis          01/15/10   PA                                                     John Jacobson           Finland            Ida Lahty             Finland              Finland Cem, NG       7/18/10  J.H. Lanighan         7/17/10 
Jacofsky             George          7/26/10  3mo  M  Gastro-enteritis          04/07/10   PA                                                     Lewis Jacofsky          PA                 Kate Saharack         PA                   Twin Rocks            7/28/10  J.H. Lanighan         7/27/10 
Jlcki                Pete            8/28/18  1    M  Acute entero-colitis      07/15/17   Twin Rocks                                             Nick Jlcki              Austria-Hungary    Mary ___              Austria-Hungary      Greek Cath. Cem, WE   8/29/18  J.H. Krumbine and Son,        
Jobe                 Charles         4/22/12  68   M  Epilepsy, alcoholism      Unknown    England            Wid                                 Don't Know              England            Don't Know            England              Bethel Cemetery       4/24/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/10/12 
Johnson              Lelean Eva      8/9/18   4mo  F  Acute gastro-enteritis col04/06/18   PA                                                     Gerald Johnson          PA                 Gertrude Lantzy       New Jersey           U.B. Cemetery         8/11/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/11/18 
Johnson              William         3/14/17  47   M  Accidentally run over by PUnknown    Don't Know         Unk  Laborer, Anderson's Contract CoDon't Know              Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Twin Rocks            3/17/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/17/17 
Jordy                John            1/30/12  31   M  Crushed at bottom of slope02/23/05   Austria            Mar  Miner                          Charles Jordy           Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Wehrum                2/1/12   J.H. Lanigan          2/10/12 
Joy                  Melvin Coal     10/10/15 1mo  M  Ileo-colitis              08/13/15   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          John Joy                PA                 Clara Cowles          Trinship, N.Y.       Monday Cemetery       10/12/15 Geo. J. Ondriezek     10/11/15
Kashnorosky          Annie           4/12/17  30da F  Whooping cough broncho-pne03/13/17   PA                 Sin  Child                          Constantine Kashnorosky Russia             Stella Buenasky       Russia               Twin Rocks            4/13/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/13/17 
Katis                Name Not Given  5/13/17  56   M  Endocarditis, chronic inte5/6/1861   Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Cardiff Coal Co         John Katis              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            5/15/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/15/17 
Ken                  Mrs. Katie      7/4/16   24   F  Bullet wound of heart homiUnknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Housewife                      John Shulets            Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Catholic Cemetery, BV 7/6/16   Geo J. Ondrizek       7/6/16  
Kenizhercz           Sandor          9/1/16   45   M  Rupture of heart muscle auUnknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Lincoln Coal Co.        Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            9/2/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/2/16  
Kerekes              Metro           11/29/20 1mo  M  Pneumonia                 10/20/20   Expedit            Sin  Child                          George Kerekes          Austria            Annie Sifelo          Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  11/30/20 Geo. J. Ondryzeck     11/30/20
Keresztesy           Helen           4/9/18   6da  F  Caterilinl(?) pneumonia   04/03/18   Twin Rocks, PA     Chld                                John Keresztesy         Austria-Hungary    Sophia Saulie         Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  4/10/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/10/18 
Kinkead              Samuel          12/19/14 45   M  Pulmonary tuberculosis    3/17/1869  Huntingdon Co, PA  Mar  Miner                          John Kinkead            Unknown            Maggie Estep          Unknown              Mondays               12/21/14 Saml Krumbine         12/20/14
Kiopevenski          Not Named       5/29/18  8hr  M  Umbilical hemorrhage      05/29/18   Expedit            Chld Child                          Mike Kripeveriski       Austria-Hungary    Annie Robestski       Austria-Hungary      St. Charles Cemetery  5/30/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/3/18  
Kirtley              Melvin Oliver   9/10/18  5mo  M  Cebro-spinal meningitis   04/07/18   Wehrum, PA         Chld                                Francis Kirtley         South Fork, PA     Elma Atten            Houtzdale, PA        Monday's Cemetery     9/11/18  Geo. J. Ondreizek     9/11/18 
Kish                 Stephen         5/7/14   32   M  Stab wound of heart (murdeUnknown    Hungary            Sin  Coal Miner Cardiff Coal Co     Don't Know              Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Twin Rocks            5/8/14   A.W. Strong           5/8/14  
Klinko               Andy            2/21/16  24   M  Accidental electrical shoc5/29/1891  Hungary            Sin  Miner, Commercial Coal Co.     John Klinko             Hungary            Mary Bogoia           Hungary              Belsano               2/23/16  S.S. Krumbine         2/23/16 
Kolts                Lewis           4/15/17  42   M  Stab wound of abdomen (suiUnknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Big Bend Coal Co        John Koltis             Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            4/16/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/16/17 
Koontz               Stillborn       7/3/15        M  Stillborn-don't know      07/03/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Albert Kuntz            PA                 Jennie Becknuth       PA                   Belsano               7/3/15   Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/3/15  
Korin                Damiel          8/6/17   62   M  Pulumonary hemorrhage     Unknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Commercial Coal Co      Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Wehrum                8/7/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/7/17  
Korvatch             John            4/12/17       M  Premature birth- (6 1/2mo)04/12/17   Nettleton, PA      Chld Child                          John Korvatch           Austria-Hungaria   Elizabeth Farkis      Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            4/13/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/13/17 
Korvilezyk           Mrs. Kathrine   5/1/18   27   F  Lobar pneumonia, within 7d10/24/1891 PA                 Mar  Housewife                      Elmer Kellas            Austria            Katherine Keller      PA                   U.B. Cemetery, BE     5/3/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/3/18  
Korvosoky            Mary            8/14/18  5mo  F  Gastro-enteritis          02/27/18   Nanty Glo                                              Castrine Korvonsky      Russia             Stella Bernofsky      Russia               St. Charles Cemetery  8/16/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/16/18 
Koschik              Annie           8/28/11  6da  F  Broncho-pneumonia, supinus08/23/11   PA                                                     George Koschik          Austria            Lizzie Baravich       Austria              Twin Rocks            8/29/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Kostik               Died Unnamed    7/17/15  30mn F  Asphexeation, version, pre07/17/15   PA                 Sin  Infant                         George Kostick          Austria            Lizzie Baranich       Austria              Twin Rocks            7/18/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/18/15 
Kovach               Frank           6/1/17   7mo  M  Chronic ilio colitis      11/08/16   Cambria County, PA Chld Child                          George Kovach           Hungary            Mary Rabinge          Hungary              Twin Rocks            6/11/17  S.S. Krumbine         6/11/17 
Kovach               Helen           5/16/18  1mo  F  Never well After birth, ca03/27/18   Nettleton, PA      Chld Child                          John Kovach             Austria-Hungary    Elizabeth Farkis      Austria-Hungary      St. Charles Cemetery  5/17/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/17/18 
Kovasc               Steve           2/22/18  29   M  Acute nephitis memic poiso3/10/1889  Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Big Bend Coal Co        Elick Kovasc            Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      St. Charles Cem, EX   2/24/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/24/18 
Kovatz               Florian         12/8/11  2    M  Accidental poisoning-ate w07/31/09   Hungary            Chld Child                          George Kovatz           Hungary            Mary Ribbinger        Hungary              Twin Rocks            12/8/11  J.H. Lanigan          1/5/12  
Kovitch              George          9/5/16   54   M  Appoplexy                 4/24/1862  Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Big Bend Coal Co.       John Kovitch            Austria-Hungary    Annie Michick         Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            9/6/16   Geo. J. Ondrizek      9/6/16  
Koza                 Helen           10/30/14 10mo F  Parasitic stomatitis, mara12/29/13   PA                 Chld Child                          Andrew Koza             Austria-Hungary    Mary Nisopie          Austria Hungary      Twin Rocks            10/31/14 C. Doerr              10/30/14
Kramer               Harry Murrill(?)7/23/18  14hr M  Premature birth           07/23/18   PA                 Sin  Child                          Charles E. Kramer       PA                 Ivey Henry            PA                   U.B. Cemetery         7/19/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/24/18 
Krasilims            Annie           9/3/17   2mo  F  Ilio-colitis              06/13/17   PA                 Chld Child                          John Kaisilim           Austria-Hungary    Mary Peippi           Austria-Hungary      Wehrum Cemetery       9/4/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/4/17  
Kraszienen           Annie           8/16/16  4mo  F  Acute gastro-enteritis    03/30/16   PA                 Baby Baby                           John Kraszienen         Austria            Mary Pop              Austria              Greek Orth. Cem, WE   8/17/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/17/16 
Kreshok              Gena            7/10/15  1    F  Diarrhoea and enteritis (u12/11/13   Derry, PA          Chld Child                          George Kreshok          Austria-Hungary    Mary Betzkon          Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            7/12/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/11/15 
Kris                 Annie           11/1/11  8da  F  Acute parenchy-matoas, nep10/24/11   PA                                                     John Kris               Austria            Annie Lusher          Austria              Twin Rocks            11/2/11  J.H. Lanigan          12/10/11
Kriston              Julia           4/20/14  10mo F  Broncho-pneumonia         06/13/13   Cardiff, PA        Chld Child                          Lewis Kriston           Austria-Hungary    Julia Borotis         Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            4/21/14  A.W. Strong,          4/20/14 
Krmpar (?)           Steve           8/4/14   31   M  Typhoid fever             2/18/1889  Austria-Hungary    Mar  Photographer                   Paul Krunpar            Austria-Hungary    Julia Gelany          Austria Hungary      Twin Rocks            8/6/14   C.D. Doerr,           8/4/14  
Krupar               Joseph          11/10/14 7da  M  Cause unknown.  It was ill11/03/14   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Andy Krupar             Austria-Hungary    Mary Bacho            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            11/11/14 C. Doerr              11/3/14 
Krupor               John            3/25/17  2    M  Broncho pneumonia, measles09/21/14   Websterport (?), MDChld Child                          John Krupor             Austria-Hungary    Annie Mazarch         Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            3/26/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/26/17 
Kush                 Helen           8/23/12  7mo  F  Cholera infantum          01/06/12   PA                 Sin  Child                          Louis Kush              Europe             Beralia Danny(?)      Europe               Twin Rocks            8/24/12  Father                8/23/12 
Kushlock             Francis         9/5/11   1    M  Acute colitis, convulsions12/01/09   PA                                                     Frank Kushlock          Austria            Julia Foser           Austria              Twin Rocks            9/7/11   G.G. Empfield         10/5/11 
Lambing              Adam Lloyd      10/22/12 14   M  Croupous pneumonia, chroni2/5/1898   PA                 Sin  School                         William Lambing         PA                 Maude Bell Hoffman    PA                   Blsano                10/24/12 G.E. Empfield         11/5/12 
Laney                Mrs. Viola      9/27/20  64   F  Apoplexy, arterial scleros9/19/1856  Indiana County, PA Mar  Housewife                      Abraham Crawford        PA                 Clarissa Bash         Westmoreland         Bethel                7/29/20  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/29/20 
Lanzendorfer         Frank           1/2/14   12hr M  Premature birth           01/02/14   PA                 Sin                                 Fred Lanzendorfer       PA                 Pauline Young         Belsano, PA          Twin Rocks            1/4/14   Father                4/7/14  
Learn                Etta Bell       10/15/15      F  Premature birth           10/04/15   PA                 Sin  Baby                           Monroe Learn            PA                 Bertha Edwards        PA                   M.E. Cemetery, BE     10/16/15 Ger. J. Ondriezek     11/26/15
Learn                Stillborn       11/25/15      F  Stillborn                 11/25/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Harrison Learn          PA                 Edith Walker          PA                   W.B. Cemetery         11/25/15 Geo. J. Ondrizek      11/16/15
Lees                 Andrew          4/1/12   66   M  Cancer of stomach         3/12/1846  Scotland           Mar  Mine Foreman                   Andrew Lees             Scotland           Mary White Gan        Scotland             Ebensburg             4/3/12   Jeff Evans,           5/10/12 
Lees                 Not Named       5/1/11        M  Premature birth           05/01/11   PA                 Sin                                 Robert Lees             PA                 Catherine Yeager      PA                   Belsano               5/1/11   G.E. Empfield         5/1/11  
Lefibule             Ranald          11/4/12  4    M  Broncho-pneumonia         Jan, 1908  PA                 Sin  Child                          Jospeh Lefibola         France             Adolphine Plumecog(?) France               Monday Cemetery       11/6/12  J.H. Lanigan          12/5/12 
Leshnok              George Jr       2/12/28  2mo  M  Ileo-colitis (Acute)      12/01/17   PA                 Sin                                 George Leshnok, Sr.     Austria            Annie Jacobska        Austria              St. Charles Cem, TR   2/14/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/14/18 
LeSordo              Felix           9/30/12  1    M  Ileo-colitis              05/15/11   PA                 Sin  No                             Felix LoSordo           Italy              Antonio Renalda       Italy                Twin Rocks            10/1/12  J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Lewis                Samuel          10/31/15 38   M  Unknown, died suddenly    6/17/1877  PA                 Sin  Miner, Commercial Coal Co, EX  John C. Lewis           South Wales        Suzanna Townson       England              Belsano               11/3/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     10/31/15
Lewitsky             Mike            7/4/15   20da M  Epistaxis (large amount)  06/15/15   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Peter Lewitsky          Austria            Mary Polosky          Austria              Twin Rocks            7/6/15   Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/5/15  
Lias                 Anton           3/29/17  42   M  Accidentally run over by rUnknown    Websterport (?)    Mar  Miner, Springfield Coal Co     Andy Lias               Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Barnesboro            3/31/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/31/17 
Linde                Moses           8/19/17  53   M  Probably endocarditis. DieUnknown    Austria-Hungary    Sin  Laborer                        Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            8/21/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/21/17 
Liptay               Mrs. Mary       3/3/17   34   F  Endocarditis (Probably die02/25/05   Austria-Hungary    Mar  Housewife                      John Besula             Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            3/5/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/5/17  
Little               Edward Jack     9/18/15  4mo  M  Cholera infantum          04/25/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Edward S. Little        PA                 Ruth Musser           PA                   Reynolds, PA          9/20/15  J.H. Krumbine         9/18/15 
Loas                 Stillborn       12/24/15      F  Don't know                01/24/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Robert Loas             PA                 Catherine Yeargar                          Belsano               12/24/15 G.G. Empfield         12/24/16
Lorkocites (?)       Martin          12/20/10 6mo  M  Marosmus                             Cambria County, PA Sin                                 Mike Lorkocites(?)      PA                 Josephine Insona      Russia               Twin Rocks            12/21/10 J.H. Krumbine         12/20/10
Lukiscavich          Stillborn       1/10/18       M  Stillborn ( 1 or 2mo)     01/10/18   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Martin Lukiscavich      Russia Polland     Ella Kosloski         Russia Poland        Twin Rocks            1/11/18  Martin L. (Father)    1/11/18 
Lythge               Mrs. Clara      2/7/17   39   F  Myocarditis endocarditis  3/10/1877  England            Mar  Housewife                      Henry Pilkengton (?)    England            Don't Know            England              Mondays Cem.          2/9/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/8/17  
Machintick           William         3/9/17   33   M  Electric shock in mines ofUnknown    Austria-Hungary    Sin  Commercial Coal Co No. 5       Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            3/12/17  Geo.J. Ondriezek      3/12/17 
Madnea               Andy            4/15/12  4mo  M  Pneumonia                 12/08/11   PA                 Sin                                 Andy Madnea             Austria            Anne Stossel          Austria              Twin Rocks            4/17/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/10/12 
Mahan                Isaac           1/22/16  72   M  Arterio scirosis, age     7/16/1843  Somerset Co., PA   Wid  Farmer                         ___ Mahan               Ireland            Hanna Lemon           PA                   Belsano               1/25/16  Jeff Evans            1/25/16 
Mandoki              Mary            9/5/12   2    F  Infantile tuberculosis               PA                      None                           George Mandoki          Austria            Lizzie Zisko          Austria              Twin Rocks            9/16/12  J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Mardis               George E.       8/1/17   68   M  Carcanoma of stomache     9/12/1848  Cambria County PA  Mar  Farmer                         Joseph Mardis           Don't Know         Mary George           PA                   Belsano               8/3/17   Jeff Evans            8/2/17  
Marichko             Helen           3/22/18  1mo  F  Broncho pneumonia bronchit01/23/18   PA                 Chld Child                          Joseph Marichko         Austria-Hungary    Mary Hardchuk         Glen Campbell, PA    St. Charles, EX       3/24/18  Geo Ondriezek         3/24/18 
Marsh                Harry           8/29/11  33   M  Killed by fall of rock in 02/20/05   PA                 Sin  Miner                          John H. Marsh           Ireland            Catharine McMahon     Ireland              Ebensburg             8/31/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Marsh                Martha          2/5/13   12   F  Abscura, probably serebrs.06/12/00   PA                 Sin  Student                        V.G.B. Marsh            PA                 Anna Bennett          PA                   Belsano               2/7/13   J.H. Lanigan          2/6/12  
Martin               Stillborn       2/15/16       F  Stillborn premature (6mo) 02/15/16   Nanty Glo          Chld                                Andy Martin             Austria            Annie Koristine       Austria              Twin Rocks            2/16/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/16/16 
Martinas             Tony            8/16/17  2mo  M  Ileo-colitis              06/01/17   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Samuel Martinas         Italy              Marcella Landois      Italy                Twin Rocks            8/18/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/18/17 
Matcebobak           Mike            8/29/11  8mo  M  Ileo-colitis              12/04/10   PA                                                     Andrew Matcebobak       Austria            Mary Gubik            Austria              Twin Rocks            8/30/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Matson               August          4/24/11  44   M  Hanging with suicidal inte02/09/05   Sweden             Mar  Coal Miner                                             Sweden                                   Sweden               Bethel                5/1/11   J.H. Lanigan          5/1/11  
May                  Charles         4/26/12  3    M  Tonsillitis (convulsions),09/18/08   PA                 Sin                                 Charles May             Germany            Mary Gravosky         Germany              Coalport              4/27/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/10/12 
Mazza                Caesar Jr.      8/3/10   10mo M  Gastro-enteritis          09/15/09   PA                                                     Caesar Mazza            Italy              Tereace Mapoli        Italy                Twin Rocks            8/5/10   J.H. Lanigan          8/3/10  
McCassy              Norman          8/31/12  2mo  M  "I only saw when dying.",            PA                 Chld                                James McCassy           PA                 Carrie E. Smith       PA                   Belsano               9/1/12   G.G. Empfield         10/5/12 
McCready             William Calvin  2/19/18  20da M  Premature death due to the01/30/18   PA                 Chld                                George McCready         PA                 Jennie Ball           Scotland             Glasgow, PA           2/21/18  Jeff Evans            2/21/18 
McCullough           Clara Jane      10/15/16 4    F  Chronic jutuistihar(?) nep11/19/11   Cambria County, PA Sin  Baby                           J.R. McCullough         Indiana County, PA Margaret Overman      Cambria County       Belsano               10/17/16 S.S. Krumbine         10/17/16
McCullough           Stillborn       1/11/11       M  Stillborn, prolapsed cord 01/11/11   Pa                                                     Lincoln McCullough      PA                 Laura E. Hohny        PA                   Bethel                1/11/11  J.H. Krumbine         1/11/11 
McDermott            John            10/28/14 84   M  Apoplexy                  5/30/1830  Ireland            Wid  Retired                                       McDermottIreland            Don't Know            Ireland              Osceola Mills         10/29/14 C. Doerr              10/28/14
McDermott            Mary Helen      11/14/10 46   F  Tubercular nephritis, gene7/25/1864  England            Mar  Housework                      James Harrigan          Ireland            Winifred Kearney      England              Holy Name Cem., EB    11/16/10 J.H. Lanigan          11/14/10
McDonald             Michael         7/23/11  1    M  Ileo-colitis              03/20/10   PA                                                     Peter McDonald          Ireland            Mary Stanley          PA                   Twin Rocks            7/24/11  J.H. Lanigan          8/10/11 
McGuire              William Scott   12/12/07 56   M  Found dead in bed         6/13/1851  Indiana Co. PA     Mar  Drayman                        William McGuirre        Westmrlnd Co., PA  Jane Jewell           Westmoreland Co.     Ebensburg             12/14/17 J.H. Krumbine         12/12/07
McPheeley            Bernard James   10/17/11 70   M  Apoplexy-died suddenly bef1/21/1842  PA                 Mar  Woodsman                       B.J. McPheeley          Maryland           Catherine Doson       Ireland              Windber               10/19/11 J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Michalski            Zigmond         5/3/18   2    M  Lobar pneumonia           08/31/17   PA                 Baby Baby                           Louis Michelski         Poland             Sophia Graboski       Poland               St. Charles Cemetery  5/5/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/5/18  
Michels              Isaac           5/4/18   85   M  General eparatium (?) due 9/22/1832  PA                 Wid  Retired                        David Michels           PA                 Anna Strong           PA                   M.E. Cemetery, BE     5/6/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/6/18  
Miller               Not Named       12/23/14 1da  M  Premature birth           12/22/14   PA                 Baby Baby                           Victor Miller           PA                 Eva Millen            PA                   Belsano               12/24/14 V.C. Miller           12/23/14
Miller               Phenetta        7/8/16   75   F  Carcinoma of breast & axce5/10/1841  PA                 Mar  Wife                           Andrew Campbell         PA                 Febie Camel           PA                   U.B. Cemetery, BE     7/10/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/12/16 
Miloy                Joseph Davis    11/8/15  2    M  Broncho-pneumonia         10/16/13   PA                 Chld Child                          Birt Davis              PA                 Miss Gene Meloy       PA                   Holy Name Cem EB      11/10/15 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/10/15
Mock                 Charles Franklin9/11/17  62   M  Starvation, inability to r4/10/1855  PA                 Wid  Retired-Labor                  _____Mock               Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Fishertown, Bdfd Co   9/14/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/14/17 
Mohar                John            2/2/17   1    M  Whooping cough broncho-pne05/15/15   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Harry Mohar             Austria-Hungary    Mary Marchuko         Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            2/4/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/4/17  
Monkis               Joseph          7/16/14  1da  M  Premature birth           07/15/14   PA                 Sin  Baby                           William Monkis          Russia             Don't Know            Russia               Twin Rocks            7/17/14  C.D. Doerr,           7/16/14 
Moore                Marie Gertrude  9/1/10   7mo  F  Pneumonia                 01/25/10   PA                                                     Harry Moore             PA                 Minnie Hite           PA                   Belsano               9/3/10   G.G. Empfield         9/2/10  
Morenas              Not Named       11/26/15 1hr  M  Probably premature birth j11/26/15   PA                 Baby Baby                           Frank Marnnis           Austria            Mary Evans            Austria              Twin Rocks            11/27/15 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/27/15
Morgan               Stillborn       2/28/18  3hr  M  Premature birth (6mo)     02/28/18   Nanty Glo          Chld                                B.F. Morgan             PA                 Slorm (?) Zeitter     Pa                   Bethel Cemetery       3/1/18   B.F. Morgan-Father    3/1/18  
Morris               Robert H.       2/17/11  77   M  Old age and heart failure 6/13/1834  Wales              Mar  Farmer                         Henry Morris            Wales              Anna Williams         Wales                Belsano               2/20/11  G.E. Empfield         2/20/11 
Mutchok              Joseph          1/6/17   3mo  M  Ileo-colitis              09/18/16   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Charley Mutchok         Austria-Hungary    Mary Lipko            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            1/7/17   Geo J. Ondriezek      1/7/17  
Myasik               John            11/30/17 9da  M  Premature birth           11/10/17   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          John Myasik             Austria-Hungaria   Mary Tote             Austria-Hungaria     Twin Rocks            12/1/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/30/17
Nairn                Martin          8/24/11  7mo  M  Ileo-colitis              12/30/10   PA                                                     Lawrence Nairn          PA                 Mary Murphy           PA                   Carrolltown, PA       8/26/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Nedzavich (Byzaurtch)Edward          3/12/17  1    M  Pneumonia (double)        11/14/16   Nettleton, PA      Chld Child                          John Byzauritch         Russia             Annie Lificanted      Russia               Twin Rocks            3/14/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/14/17 
Neg                  George, Jr.     3/26/11  2wk  M  Diarhora, enteritis, (diar03/04/11   Cardiff/Nettleton  Sin                                 George Neg              (Austria-Hungary)  Magy Stanford         (Austria-Hungary)    Twin Rocks            3/27/11  J.H. Lanigan          3/26/11 
Nelson               Charles Edward  6/14/18  4mo  M  Intestinal gasturition    02/03/18   Expedit            Chld Child                          Laurence Nelson         PA                 Pearl Hollis          West Virginia        M.B. Cemetery, BE     6/16/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     6/16/18 
Nimmo                Alpha           9/13/12  2yr  F  Ileo-colitis              07/10/10   PA                 Sin                                 William Nimmo           Scotland           Margaret Herr         PA                   Mundays Cemetery      9/15/12  J.H. Lanigan          10/5/12 
Novatny              Steve           7/22/18  51   M  Lobar pneumonia           3/13/1867  Austria            Mar  Coal Miner                     Steve Novatny           Austria            Mary Orantis          Austria              Portage, PA           7/24/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/24/18 
Oberitis             Mary            3/9/12   1    F  Acute nephritis           10/07/11   PA                 Sin                                 George Oberitis         Poland             Mary Mishak           Poland               Twin Rocks            3/10/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/10/12 
Obert                Iravign(?)      11/29/17 39   M  Probably aleolutism(?)    02/17/05   Oustria (Austria)  Mar  Miner, Commercial Coal Co      Mike Obait                                 Marie Kmaro(?)        Austrain (Austria)   Twin Rocks            12/1/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/29/17
O'Connor             Died Unnamed    10/31/17      M  Stillborn                 10/31/17   PA                 Sin  Stillborn                      Costo C'Connor          Austria            Mary Wachinko         Austria              Twin Rocks            11/1/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/1/17 
Ohara                John Brocken    12/14/15 20da M  Erysepelas                11/24/15   Cambria Co.        Sin  Child                          John Wesley Ohara       Jefferson Co, PA   Nora Wood             Jefferson Co. PA     Bethel Cemetery       12/16/15 S.S. Krumbine         12/15/15
Ondriezek            Anna            8/16/18  1    F  Gastro-enteritis, hyper st06/20/17   Nanty Glo                                              George J. Ondriezek     Johnstown, PA      Lulu Jailett          New York             M.E. Cemtery, ST      8/18/18  Geo. J. Ondreizek     8/18/18 
Orner                Stillborn       10/28/20         Premature birth           10/28/20   Nettleton, PA      Chld Child                          Hubert Orner            Strongstown, PA    _____Stephens         PA                   M.E. Cemetery, ST     10/29/20 G.J.Ondriezek         10/29/20
Padolich             John            11/30/10 6mo  M  Broncho Pneumonia         05/11/10   New York                                               John Padolich           Austria            Katie Liptach         Austria              Twin Rocks            12/1/10  J.H. Lanigan          11/30/10
Pane                 Annie           7/22/18  2    F  Tubercular meningitis     10/13/15   PA                 Baby                                Andy Pane               Austria            Rosy Sus              Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  7/23/18  Geo. J. Ondreizek     7/23/18 
Panich               Tony            7/19/20  8    M  Accident in small mine due12/15/11   Italy              Chld Child                          Angelo Panich           Italy              Celestine DeMortino   Italy                St. Charles Cem, TR   7/22/20  G.J. Ondriezek        7/22/20 
Pasco                George Jr       5/3/13   1mo  M  Inanition                 04/01/13   PA                 Sin                                 George Pasco            Austria            Lizzie Hunchany       Austria              Twin Rocks            5/5/13   J.H.Krumbine          5/6/13  
Paskan               Stillborn       2/15/12       F  Stillborn                 02/15/12   PA                                                     Mike Paskan             Austria            Patanika Cicela       Austria              Twin Rocks                     Father                2/16/12 
Paskan               Stillborn       1/21/11       M  Stillborn                 01/21/11   PA                                                     Mike Paskan             Austria            Patrice Cula          Austria              Twin Rocks            1/23/11                        1/21/11 
Paskin               Stillborn       1/21/16       F  Can't say                 01/21/16   PA                 Baby Baby                           Mike Paskin             Austria            Patici Cicili         Austria              Twin Rocks            1/22/16  Mike Baskin (Father)          
Paskin               Stillborn       11/12/14      M  Unknown. This is I conside           PA                                                     Mike Paskin             Austria                                  Austria              Twin Rocks            11/17/14 Mike Paskin           11/12/14
Paul                 Died Unnamed    2/21/11  1da  M  Premature birth           02/21/11   PA                      Infant                         Paul E. Paul, NG        Russia             Annie Zheckie         Russia               Twin Rocks            2/22/11  J.H. Lanigan          2/22/11 
Paul                 Mary            10/7/20  65   F  Tuberculosis of throat and8/30/1855  Pa                 Wid  Widow                          Joe Overman             Germany            Unknown               Unknown              U.B. Cemetery, BE     10/10/20                               
Peach                Stillborn       7/1/16        M  Permature death in uterus 07/02/16   PA                 Sin                                 James A. Peach          PA                 Lula C. Craft         PA                   Twin Rocks            7/2/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/2/16  
Pepok                Frank           4/7/16   1    M  Obscure prob.  broncho pne03/04/15   PA                 Chld Baby                           Peter Pepok             Austria            Sophia Matini         Austria              Greek Catholic Cem, VI4/8/16   Geo. J. Ondrezek      4/8/16  
Piette               Charles         8/26/18  1    M  Gastro-enteritis          06/25/17   Hastings, PA                                           Charles Piette          France             Jane Legres           France               Monday Cemetery       8/28/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/28/18 
Poken                Charles         4/20/09  16da M  Umbilical hemorrhage      04/03/09   PA                                                     Mike Poken              Austria            Mary Bukob            Austria              Wehrum                4/24/09  J.H. Krumbine         4/24/09 
Pomputis             Anthony         6/4/12   40   M  Croupous pneumonia        02/14/05   Russia             Mar  Coal Miner                     Ignats Pomputis         Russia             Don't Know            Russia               Ebensburg             6/6/12   J.H. Lanigan          7/10/12 
Poplinsky            Katy            7/30/10  25   F  Post partum hemorrhage    02/25/05   Austria            Mar  Housewife                      Mike Dotsko             Austria                                  Austria              Twin Rocks            8/1/10   J.H. Lanighan         8/1/10  
Popovich             Annie           10/7/08  23   F  Puerpanal eclampsia, acute11/12/1885 Austria            Mar  Housewife                      John Hurchock           Austria            Annie Fenchok         Austria              Wehrum                10/8/08  J.H. Krumbine         10/8/08 
Popovich             Charles         9/8/18   8mo  M  Acute gastro-enteritis    12/24/17   Expedit                                                John Popovich           Austria            Helen Kanes           New York             Wehrum                9/29/18                                
Popovich             Stillborn       10/7/08       F  Stillborn                 10/07/08   PA                                                     Charles Popovich        Australia (Austria)Annie Fenchok         Australia (Austria)  Wehrum                10/8/08  J.H. Krumbine         10/8/08 
Porkop               Annie           8/24/11  3mo  F  Marasmus                  05/13/11   PA                                                     Petro Porkop            Austria            Rosy Fresvok          Austria              Twin Rocks            8/25/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Potkolosky           Joseph          8/9/10   10da M  Premature birth           07/30/10   PA                                                     Martin Pofkolosky       Austria            Katie Dotsko          Austria              Twin Rocks            8/10/10  J.H. Lanigan                  
Price                George W.       7/17/10  4mo  M  Diarrhea and enteritis    02/22/10   PA                                                     David M. Price          PA                 Sarah Herr            PA                   Bakerton Cemetery     7/19/10  J.H. Lanighan         7/17/10 
Quock                Ella            5/27/11  5mo  F  Broncho-pneumonia         12/26/10   Clymer, PA         Inf                                 John Quock              Austria-Hungary    Mary Runko            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            5/28/11  J.H. Lanigan          5/28/11 
Radxavich            Rosie           2/18/17  3mo  F  Gastro-enteritis          11/12/16   PA                 Sin  Infant                         John Radzavich          Russia             Annie Liskearich      Russia               Twin Rocks            2/19/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/9/17  
Radzaoich            Catharine       10/4/14  1mo  F  Diarrhora and enteritis   08/22/14   PA                 Chld Child                          John Radzaoich          Russia             Anie Roskavitch       Russia               Twin Rocks            10/6/14  C. Doerr              10/3/14 
Ragen                Thomas          4/6/18   33   M  Broncho pneumonia influenz5/14/1885  PA                 Mar  Bartender, Home Hotel, NG      Timothy Ragen           Ireland            Jame Grain            Ireland              Catholic Cem, CN      4/8/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/8/18  
Rager                Augustus H.     4/14/13  60   M  Injured spine due to fall 4/10/1853  Jackson Township   Mar  Farmer                         Hezekiah Rager          Jackson Township   Mary Jane SwartzwalderEast Wheatfield Twp  Mondy Cemetery        4/16/13  W.S. Clarl & Son      5/6/13  
Rager                Catherine O.    7/6/13   5mo  F  Cholera infantum          02/05/13   PA                 Sin  Baby                           Samuel Rager            PA                 Emma Wheland          PA                   Belsano               7/8/13   G.G. Empfield         7/7/13  
Rager                Earl Edward     4/7/13        M  Stillbirth                04/07/13   Jackson Township   Inf                                 Daniel F. Rager         Cambria County, PA Nellie M. Selders     Clearfield County, PABuffington            4/8/13   W.S. Clark & Son      5/6/13  
Rager                Edna Sophia     2/3/12   10mo F  Acute bronchitis          03/31/11   PA                 Inf                                 A.A. Rager              PA                 Mary M. Shost         PA                   Twin Rocks            5-Feb    G.E. Empfield         3/10/12 
Rager                Nora            12/22/14 1    F  Infantile paralysis, bronc02/24/13   PA                                                     Martin s. Rager         PA                 Harret M.Whysong      PA                   Mondays Cemetery      12/24/14 W.S. Clark                    
Rager                Not Named       3/22/13  8hr  F  Premature birth           05/22/13   PA                 Inf                                 Andrew Rager            PA                 Mary Short            PA                   Twin Rocks            3/22/13                        3/22/13 
Rann                 Clara           11/28/20 6    F  Acute Nephritis           07/29/14   PA                 Sin  Child                          Peter Rann              Italy              Mary Cassandra        Italy                St. Charles Cemetery  11/30/18 Geo. J. Ondryzeck     11/30/20
Reed                 Ellen M.        10/14/16 70   F  Acute gastris enteritise  1/22/1837  Indiana County, PA Wid  Housekeeper                    _____Simson(?)          Germany            Don't Know            Don't Know           M.E. Cemetery, BE     10/17/16 Jeff Evans            10/17/16
Reese                Iverda          1/31/11  4da  F  Congenital malformation of01/27/11   Nettleton          Inf                                 Harry L. Reese          PA                 Mary McCallister      PA                   Belsano               2/1/11   J. Evans              1/31/11 
Regan                Timothy         11/17/16 11mo M  Gastro-enteritis          12/04/15   PA                 Chld                                Thomas Regan            PA                 Susan Haleg           PA                   Catholic Cemetery     11/19/16 Geo J. Ondriezek      11/19/16
Ritz                 Julia           11/1/20  3    F  Fractured skull (accidenta01/05/17   PA                 Chld Child                          Andy Ritz               Austria            Mary Halley           Austria              St. Charles Cem, TR   11/3/20  Geo J. Ondreizek      11/3/20 
Rodgers              Not Named       7/23/12  13d  F                            07/12/12   PA                 Sin                                 Edward Rodgers          PA                 Hattie Smith          PA                   Hastings              7/22/12  J.H. Lanigan          7/24/12 
Rodgers              Not Named       9/8/12        F  Premature birth           09/08/12   PA                 Sin                                 Hugh Rodgers            PA                 Julia Judge           PA                   Twin Rocks            9/9/12   G.G. Empfield         10/5/12 
Rodgers              Not Named       2/27/11  30mn M  Premature birth           02/27/11   PA                                                     Hugh Rodgers            PA                 Julia Judge           PA                   Twin Rocks            2/27/11  Father                2/27/11 
Rodgers              Not Named       2/17/15  1hr  M  Premature birth           02/17/15   PA                                                     Hugh L. Rodgers         PA                 Julia Judge           PA                   Twin Rocks            2/18/15  Hugh Rodgers          2/18/15 
Rogal                Charlie         4/23/14  20da M  Broncho-pneumonia         04/03/14   PA                                                     Stanley Rogal           Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Twin Rocks            4/25/14  A.W. Strong,          4/24/14 
Rogal                Charlie         4/23/14  20da M  Broncho pneumonia         04/03/14   PA                                                     Stanley Rogal           Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Twin Rocks            4/24/14  A.W. Strong           4/24/14 
Rogan                Stillborn       4/2/17        F  Stillborn (7 Mos.)        04/02/17   PA                 Sin                                 Stanley Rogan           Austria            Margarett Gall                             Twin Rocks            4/3/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/3/17  
Rummel               Woodrow Wilson  1/26/18  1da  M  Premature birth (7mo)     01/25/18   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Hayden Rummel           PA                 Edna Zielars          PA                   Bethel Cemetery       1/27/18  Hayden Rummel         1/27/18 
Rutlege              Madeline        2/9/17   2    F  Probably due to injury fro02/22/14   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Ray Rutlege             PA                 Cella Kline           PA                   Twin Rocks            2/11/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/10/17 
Sabo                 Stillborn       6/10/11       F  Stillborn, full term, dead06/10/11   PA                 Sin  Infant                         Joe Sabo                Hungary            Lizzie Yonas          Hungary              Bethel                6/11/11  Father                7/10/11 
Sabona               Paul            1/2/17   51   M  Acute dilatation of heart 01/28/05   Austria-Hungary    Wid  Miner, Cardiff Coal Co.        John Sabona             Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            1/4/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/4/17  
Saboney              Steve           1/18/17  9da  M  Congenital malformation of01/09/17   Nettleton, PA      Chld Child                          John Sabony             Austria-Hungary    Susie Delsik          Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            1/19/17  Geo. J. Ondrezik      1/19/17 
Saboni               James           11/28/14 28   M  Larcinoma of stomach      10/28/1886 Austria                 Miner                          Pall Saboni             Austria            Julian Barto          Austria              Twin Rocks            11/30/14 C. Doerr              11/28/14
Sanche               Pedro           2/3/18   11mo M  Cerebro-spinal meningitis,02/23/17   Johnstown, PA      Chld                                Valtine Sanche          Mexico             Jorthe Floses         Mexico               Twin Rocks            2/5/18   Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/5/18  
Saundus              Mrs. Anna       6/14/18  82   F  Acuta bronchitis, weak hea8/8/1835   England            Mar  Retired                        Thomas Tibbot           England            Grace Tibbot          England              Reynoldsville         6/18/18  S.H. Reed             6/16/18 
Scheatzle            Elizabeth       7/10/10  56   F  Apoplexy                  2/9/1854   PA                 Mar  Housewife                      Robert Schmidt          Germany            Don't Know            Germany              Twin Rocks            7/13/10  J.H. Lanighan         7/12/10 
Schmitzy             Mary            4/20/12  4da  F  Premature birth           4/16/112   PA                 Sin                                 Peter Schmitzy          Austria            Don't Know            Austria              Twin Rocks            4/21/12  J.H. Lanigan          6/10/12 
Sekora               Died Unnamed    4/25/16  30mn F  Premature birth           04/25/16   PA                 Sin  Child                          Mike Sekora             Austria            Annie Zellanoke       Austria              Twin Rocks            4/26/16  Mike Sekora           4/26/16 
Seledi               Antone          12/14/17 2    M  The child took violent con12/08/15   Twin Rocks         Chld Child                          John Seledi             Austria-Hungary    Bertha Castaid        Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            12/15/17 Geo. J. Ondriezek     12/15/17
Seveluck             Stillborn       5/21/12       F  Stillborn (7 mos.) due to 05/21/12   Nanty Glo          Chld                                Frank Seveluck          Austria            Annie Comnil (?)      Austria              Twin Rocks            5/21/12  Frank Seveluck        5/21/12 
Shadden              Lewis           10/10/20 21   M  Probably acute diliention 10/18/1898 PA                 Sin  Merchant                       Barney Shadden          Russia             Mary Halle            Russia               Altoona               10/11/20 Lafferty & Tobias     10/11/20
Shaner               Charles         12/13/14 12   M  Diphtheria, tonsillar, nas04/23/02   PA                 Sin  School Boy                     Jerry Shaner            Westmrlnd Co., PA  Ellen Brady           Indiana Co. PA       Burnside              12/14/14 S.S. Krumbine         12/14/14
Shaner               Wilford Edgar   11/21/15 10mo M  Broncho-pneumonia asthma  01/11/15   Nanty Glo               Child                          W.C. Shaner             PA                 Anna Hill             PA                   Monday Cemetary       11/29/15 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/23/15
Shanley              Anna Jane       12/8/17  57   F  Diabetes melbus acute card7/11/1868  Scotland           Wid  Ret. Housewife                 Lorance O'Connor        Scotland           Mary Jane Smith       Scotland             Twin Rocks                     Geo. J. Ondriezek     12/17/17
Sherwood             Mrs. Winnifred  12/25/15 2    F  Tuberculosis of lungs     1/28/1876  England            Mar  Housewife                      John Morrison           England            Winnifred Birgan      England              Holy Name Cem, EB     12/17/15 Geo. J. Ondrizek      12/17/15
Shinko               Andy            4/5/11   3wk  M  Broncho-pneumonia         03/01/11   Cambria            Chld                                John Shinko             Hungary                                  Hungary              Ebensburg             4/6/11   J.H. Lanigan          4/6/11  
Shortase             Steve           3/3/11   7mo  M  Pertussus, convulsions    07/11/10   PA                 Sin  Child                          Steve Shortace          Austria            Katie Galos           Austria              Twin Rocks            3/5/11   J.H. Lanigan          3/5/11  
Shultz               Irvin William   3/11/16  9da  M  Some trouble with circulat03/02/16   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Robert Shultz           PA                 Annie Rager           PA                   Mondays Cemetery, MC  3/13/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/13/16 
Simko                Andy            3/29/17  8mo  M  Broncho-pneumonia         07/20/16   Monhaul, PA        Chld Child                          Andy Simko              Austria-Hungary    Julia Kish            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            3/31/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/31/17 
Simko                Mike            10/22/20 1    M  Acute ileo-coletis        09/24/20   PA                 Baby Baby                           Charles Simko           Austria            Bertha Kosma          Austria              Greek Cath. Cem, EX   10/23/20 J.H. Krumbine         10/23/20
Simmons              Eliza           12/2/11  83   F  Pneumonia                 5/14/1828  PA                 Wid  Housewife                      George Orner            PA                 Not Given             Not Given            Belsano               12/4/11  G.G. Empfield         1/5/12  
Skeba                Frank           1/31/17  25   M  Tuberculosis of lungs     Unknown    Austria-Hungary    Sin  Miner, Commercial Coal Co.     Nicholas Skaba          Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Orthodox Cemetery, WE 2/1/17   Geo. J. Ondrierk      1/31/17 
Smathers             Charles M.      3/14/16  59   M  Plerus pneumonia, lobar, p8/23/1856  PA                 Mar  Liquor Dealer, Smathers & Sons Andrew J. Smathers      PA                 Susan Smith           PA                   Lloyd Cemetery, EB    3/16/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/16/16 
Smith                Allen Thomas    5/30/17  4    M  Laryngeal diptheria       05/06/13   PA                 Chld Child                          Samuel Smith            Houtzdale, PA      Elsie Lewis           PA                   Mondays Cemetery      6/30/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     6/30/17 
Smith                Clair Ardell    9/11/11  1mo  M  Broncho-pneumonia         07/18/11   PA                                                     Ernest Smith            PA                 Ametia Carnahan       PA                   Munday Cemetery       9/13/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Soffko               John            4/9/16   2    M  Pneumonia-lobar, empyema  01/22/14   PA                 Sin  Child                          Mike Soffko             Austria            Ella Terninen                              Twin Rocks            4/11/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/11/16 
Soleski              Adam            4/17/18  4mo  M  Chronic bronchitis        11/22/18   PA                 Baby Baby                           Irvin Soleski           Austria            Sophia Vineski        Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  4/18/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/18/18 
Sopata               Sophia          10/9/16  1mo  F  Acute indigestion         08/18/16   PA                 Baby Baby                           John Sopata             Austria            Mary ____             Austria              Twin Rocks            10/10/16 Geo. J. Onderzik      10/10/16
Stasko               Andrew          8/5/10   9mo  M  Cholera infantum          11/24/09   PA                                                     Joseph Stasko           Poland             Katie Procopk         Poland               Twin Rocks            8/7/10   J.H. Lanigan          8/6/10  
Stefanick            Stillborn       9/1/14        M  Stillborn                 09/01/14   PA                                                     Mike Stefanick          Austria            Helen Mehalick        Austria              Twin Rocks            9/2/14   C. Doerr              9/2/14  
Stefora              Eva             2/10/16  36   F  Larcinnma of the bladder  5/6/1879   Austria-Hungary    Mar  Housewife                      Don't Know              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            2/12/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/12/16 
Stephens             Charolitt Isabel3/27/17  3mo  F  Tubuculos trouble at base 04/01/17   PA                 Baby Baby                           Charles Stephens        PA                 Lizzie Rhortenba      PA                   M.E. Cemetery, BE     7/29/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/27/17 
Stephens             Not Named       4/3/12        M  Complications of delivery 04/03/12   PA                 Sin                                 Charles Stephens        PA                 Lizzie Whartenby      PA                   Belsano               4/3/12   Father                5/10/12 
Sterm                Victoria        9/17/17  8mo  F  Chronic Ilio-colitis      12/26/16   PA                 Chld Child                          Paul Sterm              Austria            Annie Tesic           Austria              Twin Rocks            9/18/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/18/17 
Stiffon              Margaret        11/13/20      F  Lobar pneumonia           06/01/20   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Joseph Stiffon          Austria-Hungary    Lizzie Kulick         Austria-Hungary      St. Charles Cemetery, 11/15/20 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/15/20
Stoky                Agnace          10/3/12  2wk  F  Constipation, auto intoxic07/14/12   PA                 Sin  Child                          John Stoky              Austria            Francas Strebo        Austria              Twin Rocks            10/5/12  J.H. Lanigan          12/5/12 
Such                 Annie           6/25/17       F  Stillborn, placenta previa06/25/17   PA                 Baby                                George Such             Austria            Annie Kellarma                             Twin Rocks            6/26/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     6/29/17 
Sylvoliak            Harry           8/9/11   6mo  M  Cholera infantum          03/09/11   PA                                                     Frank Sylvoliak         Austria            Annie Komik           Austria              Twin Rocks            8/10/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Talabisko            George          8/9/16   6mo  M  Acute Ileo-colitis        01/21/16   New Jersey         Sin  Child                          George Talabisko        Austria            Mary Rossan           Austria              Twin Rocks            8/12/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/12/16 
Thomas               Leroy           2/11/17  11   M  Sinus thrombosis (lateral)05/23/05   PA                 Chld Child                          Wesley Thomas           PA                 Cora Parker           PA                   Monday Cem.           2/13/17  Geo J. Ondreizek      3/13/17 
Tobias               Stephen         8/28/14  3mo  M  Ileo-colitis              05/05/14   Cardiff, PA        Chld Child                          John Tobias             Austria-Hungary    Mary Lukar            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            8/29/14  C. Doerr              8/30/14 
Tonosel              Lidia           4/24/17  5mo  F  Broncho-pneumonia bronchit11/09/16   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Peter Tonosel           Italy              Mary Cortei           Italy                Twin Rocks            4/26/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/26/17 
Tornanick            Joseph          11/25/10 1    M  Rachitis                  06/15/09   PA                                                     Joseph Tornanick        Austria            Julia Orofsky         Austria              Twin Rocks            11/27/10 J.H. Lanigan          11/25/10
Tresky               John            9/1/16   32   M  Pulmonary tuberculosis                                                                                                                                                            Ebensburg                      Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/3/16  
Troutman             Stillborn       2/22/11       F  Stillborn                 02/22/11   PA                                                     Newton Troutman         PA                 Gertrude Schenkwieler PA                   Twin Rocks            2/22/11                        2/22/11 
Tudolovich           Stillborn       5/20/11       M  Stillborn, premature birth05/20/11   Blacklick Township                                     John Tudolovich         Austria            Mary Lucas            Austria              Twin Rocks            5/20/11  J.H. Lanigan          5/20/11 
Usus                 Barney          12/16/11 20   M  Struck by railway engine a10/20/1891 Russia             Sin  Coal Miner                     Mike Usus               Russia                                   Russia               Twin Rocks            12/18/11 J.H. Lanigan          1/5/12  
Utasy                John            4/10/11  35   M  Fracture of base of skull,           Hungary            Mar  Miner                          Not Known               Hungary            Not Known             Hungary              Twin Rocks            4/11/11  J.H. Krumbine         4/11/11 
Uvegas               Steve           5/1/16   2mo  M  Pneumonia catarrhal       02/26/16   PA                 Baby Child                          Jo Uvegas               Austria            Mary Kovinski         Austria              Twin Rocks            5/3/16   Geo. J. Ondriezek     5/5/16  
Valnick              Frank           3/28/16  1mo  M  Enterocolitis             3/28/16 (?)U.S.               Chld Infant                         Mike Valnick            Austria            Katie Moha            Austria              Twin Rocks            2/29/16  Geo. J. Ondriezek     3/29/16 
Volesi               Not Named       11/16/20 1hr  M  Premature birth           11/16/20   PA                 Baby Baby                           Metro Volesi            Austria-Hungary    Annie Vosicak         Austria              St. Charles Cemetery  11/17/20 Geo. J. Ondriezek     11/17/20
Wagner               Alice           1/22/15  79   F  Chronic nephritis         12/16/1835 Cambria County, PA Wid  Housekeeper                    Ellis Rowland           Wales              Jane Thomas           Wales                Bethel                1/24/15  Jeff Evans            1/23/15 
Wagner               Margaret        12/27/16 70   F  Lobar pneumonia           7/12/1846  PA                 Wid  Housewife                      Samuel Berkey           PA                 Don't Know            PA                   U.B. Cemetery, BE     12/31/16 Geo. J. Ondreizk      12/29/16
Wagner               Uriah           7/10/15  76   M  Chronic valvular heart dDi4/10/1839  PA                 Mar  Retired, Laborer               Daniel Wagner           PA                 Eliza Kelly           PA                   U.B. Cemetery, BE     7/12/15  Geo. J. Ondriezek     7/12/15 
Walenick             George          10/4/17  6mo  M  Ileo-colitis              03/28/17   Nanty Glo          Chld Child                          Mike Walenick           Austria-Hungary    Katie Muhov           Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            10/6/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     10/6/17 
Walk                 Catherine       12/31/10 6hr  F  Premature birth           12/30/10   PA                                                     George W. Walk          PA                 Agnes Edgar           England              Catholic Ch. Clfd Co  1/2/10   J.H. Krumbine                 
Walls                Julia           10/23/12 2    F  Unknown-no physician in  a           PA                 Sin  Child                          Andy Walls              Austria            Anna Wast             Austria              Twin Rocks            10/27/12 J.H. Lanigan          12/5/12 
Washuk               Mary            4/19/17  8da  F  Unknown to me             04/11/17   Austria            Chld Child                          John Washuk             Rose Jopka         Rosey Jackop          Austria              Twin Rocks            4/21/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/21/17 
Wike                 Elizabeth       3/19/15  56   F  Endocarditis articular rhe4/27/1858  Indiana County, PA Mar  Housewife                      Martin Rutter (?)       Indiana County, PA Sara Shank            Indiana County, PA   Belsano               3/21/15  George J. Ondriezak   3/21/15 
Wike                 Elma Elizabeth  6/15/12  3mo  F  Stomachitis, gastro-enteri03/11/12   Indiana County, PA Sin                                 George Wike             PA                 Bertha Edwards        PA                   Belsano               6/17/12  G.G. Empfield         7/10/12 
Williams             John            6/25/12  1    M  Pneumonia, acute colitis  03/19/11   PA                 Sin                                 John Williams           Wales              Margaret Wilson       Wales                Belsano               6/26/12  G.G. Empfield         7/10/12 
Williams             John Jr.        1/27/17  53   M  Pluro-pneumonia lobar     7/21/1863  England            Mar  Labor, Big Bend Coal Co.       John Williams           England            Don't Know            England              U.B. Cemetery, BE     1/30/17  Geo. J. Ondrizek      1/28/17 
Wilson               Elizabeth       7/25/13  86   F  Old age                   11/20/1826 PA                 Wid                                 Joseph Fishes           PA                 Mary Edwards          PA                   Belsano               7/27/13  G.G. Empfield         9/4/13  
Wilton               Charles         9/27/18  2mo  M  Gastro-enteritis          07/05/18   Puritan, PA                                            Byron Wilton            PA                 Susan Fuller          Clearfield, PA       Monday's Cemetery     9/29/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     9/29/18 
Wontz                John            10/1/11  1hr  M  Premature birth (6 mo) lac10/01/11   PA                                                     Fred Wontz              PA                 Abbie Kelly           PA                   Bethel Cemetery       10/2/11  John Wontz            11/10/11
Wood                 Earl W.         4/20/17  6    M  Cerebrospinal meningitis (03/29/11   Centre County, PA  Chld Child                          J.H. Wood               PA                 Jennie Parker         PA                   Monday Cemetary       4/21/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/20/17 
Yocatis              Helen           3/30/17       F  Premature birth           03/29/17   Websterport (?)    Chld Child                          Bladis Yocatis          Russia             Varinica Zaromicky    Russia               Twin Rocks            4/1/17   Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/1/17  
Yonic                John            4/10/18  49   M  Broncho pneumonia, influen2/8/1860   Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Nanty Glo Coal Co       John Yonic              Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Nanty Glo            St. Charles Cemetery  4/12/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     4/12/18 
Zatkvoich            Mary            1/13/17  16da F  Permature birth           12/28/16   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Frank Zatkvoich         Austria-Hungary    Mary Matte            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            1/14/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     1/14/17 
Zeitters             Stillborn       7/4/16        M  Stillborn (9mo)           07/04/16   Nanty Glo          Sin                                 William Brickner        Johnstown          Edna Zeitters         PA                   Bethel Cemetery       7/6/16   Joe Zeitters          7/6/16  
Zerter               Stillborn       8/18/16       M  Stillborn (9mo)           08/18/16   Nanty Glo          Chld                                Joseph Zerter           Pa                 Emma Riddinger        PA                   Bethel Cemetery       8/19/16  Joseph Zeiter         8/19/16 
Zlatahtair           John            8/6/15   38   M  Accident, fall of rock in Unknown    Austria-Hungary    Mar  Miner, Lincoln Coal Co         George Zlatahstair      Austria-Hungary    Don't Know            Austria-Hungary      Twin Rocks            8/7/15   Geo. Ondriezek        8/6/15  
Zorda                Paul            8/18/18  1    M  Anterior polimyelitis     11/25/16   Nanty Glo                                              Joseph Zorda            Italy              Bastina Ceorti        Italy                St. Charles           8/13/18  Geo. J. Ondriezek     8/13/18 
Zuba                 Charles         2/10/17  1mo  M  Broncho-pneumonia         12/22/16   Expedit, PA        Chld Child                          Mike Zuba               Austria-Hungary    Anne Skeba            Austria-Hungary      Orthodox Cemetery, WE 2/12/17  Geo. J. Ondriezek     2/10/17 
Zurrornski           Andrew          9/19/11  44   M  Fall of Coal                         Austria            Mar  Miner                          Don't Know              Don't Know         Don't Know            Don't Know           Twin Rocks            9/20/11  J.H. Lanigan          11/10/11
Zuzascy              Michans         10/19/15 2da  M  Sudden death probably due 10/17/15   PA                 Sin  Baby                           William Zuzascy         Germany            Maggie Blutz          Russia               Twin Rocks            10/18/15 Geo. J. Ondrezek      10/19/15
Last Name           |First Name     |Died    |Age |Sx|Cause                    |BirthDate |Birthplace        |MSW |Occupation                    |Father's Name          |Birthplace        |Mother's Name        |Birthplace          |Burial Site          |Buried  |Undertaker           |Filed  |

*The above death certificate information was taken from Blacklick Valley 
register books found in the John Huth attic. The last two registrars were 
Harry Hampson and John Huth. Other registrars were A.V. Caldwell, Samuel Williams,
John Daly, Dr. Alvin Comerer, and L. Davis. These listings are incomplete as some 
of the registers are missing. Interpreting the various styles of handwriting caused 
the author some difficulty. Parenthesis next to a word indicates that the author 
was unable to correctly interpret the handwriting. Some of the columns in the above
list were omitted, abbreviated or truncated in this presentation, due to the length 
of the data form.

Entries with Vintondale addresses (not listed here) were published in 1991 in
"Delano's Domain: A History of Warren Delano's Mining Towns of Vintondale, 
Wehrum and Claghorn, Volume I, 1789-1930", by Denise Dusza Weber.

Data provided by, and used with permission of, Denise Dusza Weber. (Harry Hampson 
and John Huth were the respective great-grandfather and grandfather of Ms. Weber.)

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